The Inspired Exhibition experience includes key insights highlighted by trained docents in each themed area. The exhibition is surrounded by messages, lectures, academic seminars, school field trips and compelling activities for each age group. Visitors have the opportunity to operate a full-scale working replica of the 1455 Gutenberg printing press, printing a page of the Bible in their own local language. Special field trips are provided for the blind and those with other interests and needs. Downloadable audio guides, printed exhibit catalogues and other publications are designed to round out the exhibition experience.


Schools are provided advance copies of The Great Book Adventure. This engaging 120-page book written by Inspired staff is primarily for middle and high school-aged students and their teachers. The book is divided into four chronological adventures - the Ancient World, the Medieval World, the Renaissance and the Modern World. Each adventure includes an historical introduction and a description of major developments in writing, bookmaking, schools, and major libraries of the world. The book includes 30 classroom projects relating to bookmaking and the book arts.

Inspired Exhibitions are hosted in both major global cities and in remote locations. Included often is an invitation to exhibit in National Parliament due to the profound role of the Bible in shaping the cultural heritage of their own nation. Each exhibition is preceded by months of planning and collaboration with leading institutions in the local area including museums, national libraries, churches, denominations, Bible societies, seminaries, and those from a wide range of other biblical traditions. In the next three years our vision is to exhibit on three continents to one million people.