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Scott Carroll, Ph.D.

Dr. Carroll is a leading specialist on the history of the Bible and is a founder of Inspired Exhibit. He holds an M.A. in ecclesiastical history from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and a Ph.D. in ancient studies from Miami University. He specializes in the study of classical and biblical papyri and medieval manuscripts. Over the last three decades, he has held teaching and research posts at a number of universities including Cornerstone University, Gordon College, Baylor University and a consortium of universities in Kenya and Nigeria. Dr. Carroll directed an excavation of the earliest-known unoccupied Egyptian monastic site and has authored or co-authored seven books and numerous articles, most relating to the history of the Bible.

Prior to founding Inspired Exhibit, he had the privilege of directing two of the largest private collections of biblically-related manuscripts and rare books in the world. During this time, he directed collaborative research and exhibits in a number of locations, including with the British Library and the Vatican Library.

In addition to his work with Inspired Exhibit, Dr. Carroll serves as Director and Sr. Research Scholar at Manuscript Research Group, a U.S.-based research center that analyzes manuscripts, maintains databases, directs collaborative research, sponsors lectures and workshops, and works closely with universities around the world.

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David Addington
Chief Operating Officer

David has a passion for seeing the Bible inspire people and change lives. He holds a B.A. in ancient history from the University of Minnesota and an M.Div. degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He has served with the Inspired Exhibit since its inception and his role includes resource development, building strategic partnerships and laying the groundwork for future global exhibits. Prior to joining Inspired Exhibit, David served as vice president for mobilization and strategic initiatives at English Language Institute China (ELIC).

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Denise Carroll
managing director

Denise manages many of the business and logistical operations at Inspired. Her passion for the vision and mission of Inspired led her to become a founder of the Inspired ministry. Her educational background includes studies both at the University of Toledo and Tennessee Temple University, with a focus on law. Her gifts in navigating the complexities of legal issues served her well throughout her years in the law department of a Fortune 500 company. Her joy is found in her family of four adult children and a growing number of grandchildren.

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Chelsea Ferwerda
Exhibit Curator

Chelsea has served with Inspired Exhibit since its inception. Her love for antiquities and ancient history led her to pursue a BA in history from Cornerstone University and an M.A. in museum studies from Baylor University. Additional academic work was completed at Oxford University. She is an accomplished Hebrew scroll researcher and serves as the curator for Inspired. Her work and studies have taken her to many places including Jordan, Greece and Israel.

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Brian Tice
Research Scholar

Brian holds a B.S. degree in Bible from Cornerstone University and an M.S. degree in Biblical Hebrew Andragogy from Purdue University Global. Brian has also studied music at the University of San Diego, Jewish studies at Tel Aviv University/Coursera, and divinity studies at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. He was ordained rabbi in May 2000. At Inspired Exhibit Brian serves in the role of Hebrew and Judaica research scholar. He coordinates the analyses of Hebrew manuscripts and collaborative research projects and supports the education and outreach initiatives of the exhibits. He is an accomplished cantor and has authored several books on Jewish history and tradition.


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Christopher Young
Research Assistant

Chris has been an integral part of the Inspired ministry since its inception. His commitment to excellence and passion for the vision of Inspired is evident in all that he does. He plays a key role in the setup and onsite educational initiatives of global exhibits. Between exhibits, Chris performs historical research, manuscript analysis and supports other key initiatives. Chris received his B.A. degree from the Ohio State University and an M.Div. from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary.

Dale Stradinger

Dale Stradinger
Creative Design

Dale’s great love for God’s written Word, paired with his creative design gifts has made him an integral part of the Inspired team since the beginning. His gifted eye brings a unifying look and feel to the many exhibit elements, including brochures, flyers, catalogs, books, banners and other exhibit publications. Dale has a BA in graphic design from South Dakota State University and has worked as a designer/illustrator for nationally known companies and advertising agencies. He and his wife Lisa have three children and two grandchildren.

Grant Morgan

Grant Morgan
Business Manager

Grant joined the Inspired Exhibit early in 2018, primarily serving in the roles of logistical support and business management. He holds a BA in history from the University of Michigan and for the last ten years has worked professionally in the appraisal of valuable items. He and his business management experience are welcomed additions to the Inspired team.



John holds a. M.A. in theology from Oral Roberts University and plays a key role in our academic team. He is a specialist in the history and workings of the first printing press in the West, invented by Johannes Gutenberg in 1455. John travels with Inspired Exhibit, providing exhibition visitors the interactive experience of operating the Gutenberg press, printing their own page of the Bible.


Angel holds a B.A. degree in Biblical History and is currently pursuing an M.A. in Christian Apologetics. She travels with Inspired Exhibit, teaching the history of the Bible and assisting in several other key roles. 



Mirya is a specialist in Ancient Russian History and a professor at St. Petersburg Christian University in St. Petersburg, Russia. Her Ph.D. is in Evangelical History from the University of Pretoria, South Africa. In addition to her academic role, Mirya has played a key role in editing several exhibition publications and translating them into the Russian language.


Julia Christianson
Editor, Educational Consultant

Julia is a writer and editor with a passion for God's Word. Her experience as an English teacher at a Chinese university sparked her fascination with clear and simple communication of concepts, and the way that the written word influences people's lives. She has a B.A. degree from the University of Minnesota and a TEFL certificate from Wheaton College. Her integral role on the Inspired Exhibit team includes editing, writing, and educational design. Julia lives in the Twin Cities area in Minnesota.