INSPIRED Exhibit celebrates the rich history and trustworthiness of the Bible.

Through compelling international exhibitions, rare biblical treasures are brought to life, demonstrating the reliability of the Bible and inspiring deeper engagement with it. Exhibitions are presented in cooperation with churches, ministries, national libraries, governments, leading museums and galleries. Included are engaging programs and interactive activities for all ages. Special tours and events are designed for public schools, university students and faculty, campus groups, seminaries, the deaf, the blind, business associations, groups from all biblical traditions, and for those without previous exposure to the Bible. In addition to celebrating the rich history of the Bible – the most copied, printed, translated, and influential book of all time, it also encompasses the history of books, bookmaking, printing, and the book arts. Exhibitions are planned with co-sponsors and have a typical duration of one to three months, often engaging with 1,000 or more visitors per day. All exhibitions are followed by ongoing programs. Over the next three years our vision includes engaging with one million people on five continents.

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Photo credit: SIL International  This man has just purchased a Bible in his Angaataha language and is asking his pastor to help him know how to use it.

Photo credit: SIL International

This man has just purchased a Bible in his Angaataha language and is asking his pastor to help him know how to use it.

Every Nation, Tribe, People and Language

Papua New Guinea & The Bible
A National Exhibition
July - November 2019


Papua New Guinea is home to more indigenous tribes and languages than any other nation on earth. The 8.2 million people of this island nation weave a rich tapestry encompassing 1000 unique tribes and 841 distinct languages. An astounding 12% of the world’s languages reside in an area just larger than the state of California. 300 of these languages are still without even a single verse of Scripture, representing 2.6 million people who live generation to generation without the words of truth and hope that daily sustain us.


The INSPIRED Exhibition of 2019 will be an unprecedented nationwide celebration of the Bible. With a display of more than 150 rare biblical treasures, it will celebrate the trustworthiness of the Bible and will highlight the critical role of Bible translators through the ages. The exhibition will begin with 40 days at the nation’s largest indoor stadium before continuing to four other key regions of the country. Leaders in Papua New Guinea anticipate 400,000 participants from hundreds of tribes and languages.

The United Nations has designated 2019 as International Year of Indigenous Languages. It has been suggested that perhaps no other single event in 2019 will impact the people of more tribes and languages globally as will this exhibition.


“This exhibition will shape the destiny of our nation. Though we now have the Bible in PNG, more and more of our young people are questioning what truth is. This exhibition will settle once and for all for the people of Papua New Guinea that the Bible is completely true and reliable.”
member of National Parliament

A wide coalition of more than thirty prominent ministry organizations have joined hands with INSPIRED to make this exhibition possible, along with vital support from National Parliament, the National Library, the National Museum, and the more than 1,000 anticipated volunteers.

Ministry organizations include: SIL International, Wycliffe Bible Translators, Wycliffe Global Alliance, Josh McDowell Ministries, The Jesus Film Project, PNG Bible Translators Association, Ethnos360, Youth With A Mission, YWAM Ships, JAARS, World Outreach Ministries, Wantok Radio Light, The Seed Company, Faith Comes By Hearing, Bible Society of Papua New Guinea, Missionary Aviation Fellowship, Oral Bible Translation Ministry, Word By Heart, 4K World Mapping, End Bible Poverty Now, Renew World Outreach, Pacific Wa'a Partnership, PNG Bible Churches, the Roman Catholic Diocese, Protestant Churches of PNG, the Seventh Day Adventist Church, and the PNG Anglican Church, Tertiary Christian Students Fellowship, TSCF Graduate Network, and the newly established PNG Bible Museum Foundation.

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Thanks so much for making me believe more strongly in the Bible!
I’m so touched and inspired by the ‘indestructible Word’. I will never forget the story.
This exhibit has given me a motivation to search deeper for the founder of Scripture.