INSPIRED Exhibit celebrates the most
banned and beloved book of all time – the Bible. 

Inspired Academic and Cultural Exhibitions are presented globally in collaboration with governments, national libraries, leading museums, cultural forums and coalitions of those from a wide range of biblical traditions. The exhibition tells the story of the Bible as God’s unchanging, reliable truth. This is done through a powerful exhibition experience centered around more than 125 rare biblical manuscripts and artifacts which clearly demonstrate how the Bible was accurately preserved and copied down to the present generation.

As the most copied and translated book of all time, the Bible has had a profound effect on the development of languages and cultures around the world. Because of this, governments, national libraries, cultural forums and leading museums around the world increasingly embrace the opportunity to celebrate and showcase the unique role of the Bible in shaping their own cultural heritage. This is done with the inclusion of priceless biblical manuscripts from their own museums and national libraries, celebrating their own treasures within the context of the full biblical tradition.

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The 31-day Inspired Exhibition entitled Belarus and the Bible is being co-presented with the National Library of Belarus, under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture. It will highlight the profound role of the Bible in the development of the Belarusian language and culture. When Francysk Skaryna began translating and printing the Belarusian Bible in 1517, it became the first printed book in the Belarusian language and among the first printed publications in all of Eastern Europe.


The exhibition will feature 190 remarkable items, of which 77 are being contributed by the National Library’s own extensive collection. It will highlight the development of the Belarusian Bible within the broader context of the full history of the Bible.

Engaging age-appropriate activities will touch on varied subjects including history, archeology, art, early writing, printing, bookbinding and the development of libraries from the time of the ancient world. School children and adults will have the opportunity to operate a full-scale exact working replica of the 1455 Gutenberg press, printing for themselves a page from the first Belarusian Bible of 1517. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience the role of a scribe, copying verses from the Old Belarusian Psalter. The finished scroll will be presented to the National Library for its own collection. For current exhibition information from the website of the National Library of Belarus, visit their website:

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in praise of inspired exhibit

Thanks so much for making me believe more strongly in the Bible!
I’m so touched and inspired by the ‘indestructible Word’. I will never forget the story.
This exhibit has given me a motivation to search deeper for the founder of Scripture.