INSPIRED Exhibit celebrates the most
banned and beloved book of all time – the Bible. 

With a stunning display of over 100 rare biblical manuscripts and collateral items, the exhibit chronicles the remarkable story of how the very words of God, written with His own finger on tablets at Mt. Sinai - were carefully copied, preserved, and through great toil and sacrifice have come to our generation, languages, and the tablets we now hold in our hands. The INSPIRED Exhibit celebrates the Bible as God’s inspired, indestructible Word, written and preserved for us.

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Coming Soon!

Moscow &
St. Petersburg, Russia

Minsk, Belarus

Details Pending

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in praise of inspired exhibit

Thanks so much for making me believe more strongly in the Bible!
I’m so touched and inspired by the ‘indestructible Word’. I will never forget the story.
This exhibit has given me a motivation to search deeper for the founder of Scripture.